Same Films

The team is engaged in video production, creates video, motion, audio and 3D content for brands. Over 10 years of experience and a team of 15 people work with large brands throughout Europe. The team itself is based in Poland.



The Same team is a super ascetic team that helps to embody the most conservative ideas of brands, creating professional production for them and allowing them to receive investment and trust. Identity exudes conservatism and clarity of approach to work in the style of Japan


Video Production


Corporate website & Branding, Media Strategy


Only design

2 cases are released weekly and it was important to show them all without compromising individuality, we have developed a simple visual system of posts so that the team can spend more time on work, rather than posts

Minomo Studio is all that to say we mingle design, impactful concepts and new technologies to bring about effective brand strategist portfolio, brand strategy and web development websites / website development, branding agency portfolio as well as physical brand strategist portfolio experiences. Commercial property development firm

The team became leaders in the corporate segment and helped many brands to show their all sides, even those that are considered mistakes