Each project page is unique. What gives more interest to the site, we tried not to lose the thread that the user immersed

We tried to make the use of the site unique in order to completely immerse the user in the thoughts of the team itself, through such interactions it is easy to increase engagement

ORSI° Architects

Award-Winning architecture bureau based in Denmark. Creating modern museums and cultural attractions. The small team has become a brand in the modern architecture of cultural sites. They started in 1989. 187 Government projects worldwide



ORSI's team of 30 architects and interior designers has a unique style that was important to convey and without distracting the user from the work to make viewing comfortable and intuitive. Which we did. During the project, we read customer requests and their marks in the media.


We noticed that I have great respect from my colleagues for the team and feel involved with the brand. Then ORSI did not have its own brand store, and we suggested it. B increased media grades by 70% and studio profitability by 24.80% in 3 months




Corporate website & Branding, Media Strategy


is Concept

We have worked out every detail. Such as a photo player or slider, everything was made exclusively under the ORSI brand

Awards x2

We helped with the strategy and subsequent promotion, and we are leading the client to this day, over the entire period we have attracted tens of 10,000 clients around the world and delivered to everyone

Minomo Studio is all that to say we mingle design, impactful concepts and new technologies to bring about effective brand strategist portfolio, brand strategy and web development websites / website development, branding agency portfolio as well as physical brand strategist portfolio experiences. Commercial property development firm